Teknion Leverage

Teknion_wordmark-170x100Leverage by Teknion

Leverage® makes it easy to customize the office, allowing you to specify the desired level of features for each workspace in order to meet diverse needs, while achieving a crisp, clean look at an affordable price.


Leverage fulfills these requirements with the following attributes:

Wide Range of Panel Options 

  • Choose among four segmentation styles to achieve both the functionality and aesthetic desired.
  • Opt for an integrated baseboard, a floor-flush aesthetic or elevated base design.
  • Manage cables with a high-capacity lay-in trough option.

Off-Module Planning: Connect panels, worksurfaces and mounted storage off-module for optimal use of space and inventory.

Stackable: Increase or lower panel height on-site without disruption to the work area.

Interchangeable Elements: Change panel surfaces easily to alter the look or function of a workstation.

120-Degree Planning: Expand planning capabilities.

Modular Electrics: Mount power boxes at 15-inch-height increments for access above or below the worksurface.

Leverage & Lyft: Designed to enhance Teknion systems furniture, Lyft is a collection of universal space division products that integrate with Transit®, T/O/S® and Leverage®. Lyft allows users to customize and balance the mix of features, cost and aesthetics related to space division planning.

Panel Options: A broad range of panel types makes it easy to customize individual workstations by placing features precisely where they’re needed.

Panel Types: Leverage offers four types of panels:

  • Standard – segmented at 36-inch height; reduces panel cost if a wide variety of Element types are not required.
  • Semi-Segmented – segmented in 15-inch increments above 36 inches; permits a wider variety of functional, glazed and architectural Elements.
  • Segmented – fully segmented in 15-inch increments; permits use of all Element types anywhere on the panel.
  • Segmented 30-inch-high Rail – segmented in 6- and 15-inch increments above 30 inches; supports a full range of Element applications.

Frame Styles: Each panel type is available in six panel frame styles:  Conventional, Floor-Flush and Elevated Panel Frame – provides lay-in cable capability, and Universal, High-Capacity Floor-Flush and High-Capacity Elevated Panel Frame – accommodates high-capacity lay-in cable distribution.

Additional options:  A Panel Add-On is available for application to the top of panels – increases overall height; provides support for mounted storage; increases cable lay-in capacity.  Glass Panel Add-Ons span two panel widths up to 8 feet wide – provides an architectural quality and symmetric glass appearance.

Panel Capabilities Off-Modularity: Permits panels, worksurfaces and overheads to be positioned as required along the panel width · expands planning choices · maximizes use of space and inventory · reduces reconfiguration time and costs.

Stackable: Panel height can be increased by adding Panel Add-Ons with load-bearing structure · increase or reduce panel height on-site without disrupting the workstation · stack while power/data is installed · make immediate changes, saving time and costs.

Interchangeable Elements: Panel segments can be changed on-site and include: fabric, acoustic fabric tackable, whiteboard, accessory, wood, architectural metal and glazed. The Power/Communications Element rotates to accommodate power/data access at worksurface or base height · change the function or look with minimal new inventory · no need to remove the panel.

120-degree planning capabilities can be used with 90-degree applications to expand planning options and create unique, multi-functional work areas.

Modular Electrics: Leverage offers a high-capacity modular electrics system that can be applied to any panel configuration, increasing product life cycle and reducing costs.

  • Shielded infeeds, jumper harnesses, distribution blocks, and durable power boxes efficiently deliver and distribute power/communications.
  • Double-sided power boxes mount at 15-inch-height increments to provide electrical outlets at varied heights within the workstation.
  • Lay-in wire management simplifies installation and reconfiguration.