Teknion Contessa

Contessa™ is an elegant synthesis of European design and seating technology.

Contessa is the next generation of mesh seating, a refinement of function, comfort and style.

Movement is critical to healthy sitting, allowing the body to continuously regenerate and promote healthful circulation.

Contessa’s “smart operation” concept – an advanced mechanism that employs levers conveniently located in the armrests – enables users to make adjustments while seated, encouraging accurate positioning and continuous movement. 

Contessa (NCSY) Features

  • Seat height adjustment of 4.5″
  • Seat depth adjustment of 2″
  • Lumbar apex height adjustment of 2″
  • Lumbar apex depth adjustment of 1/2″
  • Back tilt can be locked or left free flow
  • Frame and five star base are Aluminum
  • Synchro-tilt 2.8:1 ratio
  • Height-Adjustable Arms with Pivoting Cap
  • Tension control
  • Hard or soft casters are available
  • BIFMA G1 compatible

Seat Height

  • Seat adjusts up and down 5 inches
  • Contessa’s “smart operation” adjustment enables the user to adjust the seat height from the exact working posture – ensures they are setting the proper height

Tilt Control

  • Contessa’s “smart operation” adjustment enables the user to set the tilt control from the seated position and to make adjustments and alter their position continuously – movement while sitting prevents the user’s back from becoming static

Lumbar Height and Depth

  • Height can be raised or lowered up to 2½ inches
  • Depth adjusts backwards or forwards up to 5/8 of an inch
  • Proper lumbar support promotes a dynamic seated posture and reduces lower back strain

Armrest Pivot

  • Arm pad adjusts 20 degrees inward and 10 degrees outward
  • The armrests keep arms close to the body – limits stress on the arms and shoulders

Armrest Height

  • Armrests adjust up to 4 inches
  • The armrests enable the user’s elbows to fall naturally down the body midline – minimizes discomfort in the arms, shoulders or neck

Seat Depth

  • Seat adjusts back and forth up to 2 inches
  • The seat pan keeps the user’s lower body in motion – allows continuous regeneration and promotes healthful circulation

Tilt Tension

  • Four settings provide minimum to maximum tension
  • Correct tension keeps the user’s back in contact with the chair – gives the spine the critical support needed to maintain normal alignment


  • Includes height adjustment, forward/backward movement and angle rotation
  • Promotes a healthy position of the head and neck – maintains the spine’s natural “C” curve in the cervical vertebrae

Finish Selections

  • Frame colors – Polished Aluminum, Tess Silver, Ebony
  • Body colors – Ebony, Grey
  • Seat options – Mesh, Fabric, Leather

Environmental Considerations

  • Contessa is 85% recyclable and GREENGUARDTMCertified for Indoor Air Quality
  • Modular design allows replacement of parts – extends chair’s life cycle
  • Major resin components are discreetly identified – aids in recycling or disposal

Contessa chairs have been designed and tested for users weighing up to 250 lbs.