Teknion Savera Task

Savera® is an affordable line of ergonomically sophisticated seating – one design, that takes many elegant forms. Model variations include mid-back or high-back chair, oversized version with a wider scale, stool model and a visually complementary guest chair.

Two Mechanism Options

Swivel-tilt model:

  • Meets ergonomic needs for general use seating

Synchro-tilt model:

  • For every three degrees the back tilts, the seat reclines one degree, with a total back tilt of 24 degrees.
  • Meets ergonomic needs for multi-task and general use functions

Lumbar Height

  • Adjusts 2¾ on both swivel-tilt and synchro-tilt model
  • Provides maximum personalized support

Seat Height

  • Three cylinder options provide varying heights of 3, 4 and 5 inches
  • Adjusts to the leg length of the user for proper posture and circulation

Seat Slider

  • Adjustment range of 2″
  • Provides enhanced seat comfort

Arm Height

  • Armrests adjust up and down 4″
  • Provides optimal user comfort

Arm Width

  • Overall arm width adjustment of 3″
  • Adjusts the arm position to the user and task

Tilt Tension

  • Swivel-tilt model locks in upright position; synchro-tilt model locks in four positions
  • Tilt tension adjustment offers user control of back free-flow resistance

Chair Sizes

  • Available in mid-back and high-back sizes
  • Oversized model proportionally rated to 400 pounds; suitable for multi-shift (24/7) applications


  • Partial or dual upholstery options available