Teknion Zone

The form-fitting Zone® chair is a classic stacking chair: simple, practical and comfortable. Light in weight, it provides excellent support with a smoothly contoured seat and back that conforms to the body’s natural shape.

Waterfall seat pan

  • Front edge prevents contact pressure on back of knees and thighs


  • Bookrack holds personal items under the chair or stool
  • Ganging connectors join to form rows of chairs


  • Chairs stack 10-high on the dolly or seven-high on the floor for temporary use and easy storage

Two sizes

  • Chair
  • Bar-height stool

Two Arm Options

  • Armless
  • Cantilever arms

Upholstery Options

  • Fully upholstered
  • Partially upholstered
  • Not upholstered (available in six plastic colors)
  • Dual plastic colors
  • Bookrack, chair and bar-height stool frames are available in four colors
  • Storage dolly available