Environment @ Agenda

Sustainability-Ahead-iStockPhoto-600x550Agenda is pursuing a more sustainable future.  

Recognized as an environmental leader in the local business community, Agenda considers environmental, ethical and social values when making business decisions.  Here are some highlights:

  • 95% waste reduction through the recycling of packaging, and new homes for surplus furniture,
  • 45% building energy reduction through HVAC, LED lighting and control system improvements; and
  • $250k of benefits to community groups in the form of donations, sponsorship, and volunteering.

Agenda has completed the following certifications:

Agenda has received the following recognition and awards:

Agenda has supported the following programs and initiatives:

Agenda has supported the not?for?profit community with donations of furniture and related services:

Also, for many years Agenda CEO Neville Grigg has served as Director of the Highlands Stewardship Foundation.

And since 2013, Neville has served on the CRD Round Table on the Environment where he offers his perspectives and insights regarding the environmental objectives for the region.