Hero Work: The Mustard Seed Makeover

HeroWork Vert RGBMay 24, 2013

Agenda Office Interiors has joined the Hero Work team of volunteers in support of the “extreme makeover” of the Mustard Seed in Victoria, BC. The non-profit Mustard Seed runs the largest food bank on Vancouver Island and provides unconditional support to those in need. Paul Latour founded Hero Work to inspire local companies to volunteer effort and donate materials, and the Mustard Seed makeover is Paul’s latest project.

Daria Bunting, Sales Representative at Agenda, was inspired by Paul’s vision for the Mustard Seed, his positive attitude, and commitment for social change. Daria promptly arranged donation of office furniture and design expertise through Agenda’s community engagement and recycling program. The Mustard Seed renovation project will be completed between May 25th and June 2nd 2013. Before and after pictures will be posted at http://mustardseed.ca/.

Agenda’s donation of office furniture and design services will help create a better environment at the Mustard Seed for the benefit of donors and volunteers who give generously, and the many recipients who receive support in time of need. The project also aligns with Agenda’s mission to “help people succeed in the workplace”.

In addition to the renovation, the Mustard Seed Convoy of Awesome is a food and fundraising drive planned for June 1st 2013. Agenda’s delivery trucks will join the Convoy and pick up food donations throughout the city. More information about donations can be found at http://www.herowork.com/.

Neville Grigg, President at Agenda, believes in “doing stuff that counts for people that matter”, and the Mustard Seed project is one of many local non-profit organizations supported by Agenda through donation of surplus office furnishings.

Agenda has supplied quality office furniture to Victoria and Vancouver Island since 1982 as Heritage Office Furnishings Victoria Ltd. The company recently rebranded as Agenda to reflect its long time focus on modern office interiors.