Agenda gets a New Logo


In 2013, Heritage Office Furnishings Victoria Ltd started the transition towards a new corporate identity – Agenda Office Interiors Inc – along with a refreshed logo.

The name “Agenda” better reflects the modern office furniture that we sell, and the business community that we serve. This move also distinguishes our company from another company named Heritage that was the cause of considerable anxiety and confusion.

We chose the name Agenda because it was unique, simple to say, easy to spell, and represented “the language of business”. “Agenda” is defined in the dictionary as a list of things to be considered or done, a plan, or an underlying goal that guides someone’s behavior. We plan the work, and then work the plan to build the workspaces where business happens.

Agenda’s visual identity reflects who we are and what we stand for. The most visible component of Agenda’s visual identity is our simple green logo – which consists of a word mark. The general rules for the Internal and External use of the Agenda logo are outlined in the Graphic Standards guide (2014).

The Agenda logo is most often used in color but can be represented in grayscale or reverse on a dark background as well. It works well at a variety of sizes and can be sent to you in a variety of formats.

Requests for logo files and questions about usage can be sent to Neville Grigg at When requesting a logo file, please provide the context in which the logo will be used and the name of the contact person and company you are working with.