Agenda Volunteers for Volunteer Victoria

VVlogoJune 21, 2013

With donations of time, furniture and heart, Agenda Office Interiors is helping Volunteer Victoria make a difference—in their offices and across the community they serve.

Agenda’s installation crew arrived at Volunteer Victoria’s 620 View Street offices last Wednesday with five new workstations.  Dark cherry wood, modern ergonomic design and spacious work surfaces quickly replaced an eclectic collection of mismatched desks. Meanwhile, existing furniture was reconfigured to offer staff and volunteers better comfort and productivity. 

“I can already feel the difference,” said Volunteer Victoria’s Communication Manager Lori Elder. “Our office is where we welcome funders and bring together agencies with volunteer talent. Agenda is helping to make our work a lot easier.”

Executive Director Lisa Mort-Putland went further. “This is more than a simple makeover. It’s about raising our game so we can do an even better job of enriching lives through the joy of volunteer service.”

And this is also only the beginning of the changes. Over the next 18 months, Agenda will be helping Volunteer Victoria better manage their reception area, meeting rooms, server room and storage areas.

“We help people succeed in the workplace,” said Agenda President Neville Grigg. “And we are helping Volunteer Victoria re-imagine their physical space as an extension of their brand.  Volunteer Victoria is the best place to find volunteer opportunities and develop leadership skills, and we are helping their team become more professional, comfortable and productive at work.”

Agenda’s efforts will have an impact far beyond the walls of 620 View Street. Volunteer Victoria recruits and refers over 16,500 volunteers every year for more than 300 local non-profits. Their programs offer support for new technologies, executive and leadership training and growth opportunities for the region’s youth.

The value and need for volunteer service in Victoria continues to grow, and Agenda is pleased to help Volunteer Victoria meet that demand.