Humanscale M8

M8 is a high-capacity monitor arm that combines serious performance and style, the M8 accommodates the widest range of monitors available today.

Boasting more than 50% steel construction, the M8’s high-performance design easily accommodates heavy monitors. But it also provides the versatility to support small, light monitors, including those weighing as little as eight pounds. This is especially important for applications that require one monitor now, but may require two at some later date. Precision engineering makes it all possible, as the M8 features an internal counterbalance that easily adjusts to provide the right amount of tension.  As a result, the M8 not only accommodates virtually any monitor on the modern market, it is versatile enough to meet the ever-changing demands of the modern workplace.

The M8’s high weight capacity allows it to easily accommodate dual-monitor applications.  Using an optional crossbar support, the M8 supports two monitors—each weighing up to 20 pounds—arranged side-by-side. And with a built-in Fine-Tune Adjustor, they can be adjusted to line up perfectly for easy viewing and a smooth aesthetic. Monitors mounted to the crossbar adjust simultaneously, allowing the user to easily re-position the entire configuration and improving the ergonomics of multiple-user workstations.

The M8 offers a range of mounting options that further add to its versatility:

  • Clamp Mount – Installs easily to most desktop work surfaces
  • Bolt-Through Mount – Installs directly through the work surface
  • Universal Slatwall Mount – Easily integrates with most slatwall systems
  • Wall Stud Mount – Mounts directly to hard walls with structural studding