Architectural Walls

Agenda Office Interiors supplies Teknion architectural walls that are cost effective, stylish and efficient. Architectural walls can be reconfigured quickly and easily to meet your changing workspace needs. Initial installation is quick and clean; almost half the time it takes to install drywall and a whole lot cleaner.

Teknion Altos

Altos® is an innovative architectural wall system designed with clean, crisp lines to harmonize with building interiors. Use of laminate, veneer, glass and fabric allows creative application of finishes. Thin, anodized frames project a modern aesthetic, while vertical and horizontal reveals add visual interest. Simple and efficient, Altos facilitates cost-effective reconfiguration or full relocation as required. Its unique universal framework allows changes in elevation, dimension, Fascia function and finish to maximize the life of the product.

Altos provides a perfect balance of form and function:

  • Understated Design – clean, crisp European aesthetic.
  • Functionality – fully relocatable, modular wall system.
  • Integration – interfaces with building architecture and integrates with furniture products.
  • Sustainability – reusable parts promote environmental responsibility.
  • Acoustics/Performance – offers both sound-blocking and sound-absorbing properties.
  • Return on Investment – easily reconfigured components translate to low cost of ownership.
  • Technology – clear wall cavity accepts three types of electrics, both hard-wired and quick-disconnect systems; as well as standard off-the-shelf UL/CSA approved boxes.

Teknion Optos Low Profile

Optos Low Profile is a glass wall system featuring a rectilinear profile and minimal structure that presents a refined, seamless look through a continuous run of glass.

Designed to adapt to building structures and floor plans, Optos Low Profile provides full space division through functional integration with Teknion’s Altos architectural walls and compatible floor/ceiling leveling capabilities.

 Simple in concept and intelligent in design, Optos Low Profile features:

  • A sophisticated aesthetic – continuous transparency with precision-fitted joins project a highly refined image
  • Functionality – leveling ranges adjust to accommodate variations in both floor and ceiling surfaces
  • Integration – connects with Altos walls and integrates with building architecture and conventional construction
  • Sustainability – design and materials support LEED initiatives and environmental sustainability

Teknion W/R/S™

W/R/S™ is a wall rail system that mounts to walls, allowing simultaneous attachment of fascias, storage and worksurfaces, and linking building architecture to furniture in a single application.

Walls, by nature, tend to be limiting and create boundaries by defining space. W/R/S introduces new ways to plan around building walls, enabling walls to be easily reconfigured into highly functional spaces, without the need for tools.

  • Unique frame types make W/R/S highly adaptable and provide cost-effective and flexible planning alternatives
  • Fascia styles add utility and refinement to walls
  • A wide range of hanging storage options maximizes space utilization, with minimal visual supports
  • W/R/S integrates with Teknion’s furniture portfolio – from systems to casegoods – and comprehensive fabrics and finishes program
  • Standard products achieve the appearance of made-to-order furnishings