If it’s time to consider new flooring for your office, or other commercial premises let our team at Agenda Office Interiors provide you with the best selection of commercial grade carpet tiles.  Flooring has a significant impact on an office environment by directly affecting acoustic properties, as well the look, feel and atmosphere of the space. Our selection of premium flooring options are made with recycled and post-consumer materials.

Carpet tile

There are many reasons to use carpet tile when replacing your existing office flooring, not least the fact that it’s easy to install and can installed section by section when your office is closed. This will involve less disruption, as we don’t need to remove furniture from large areas all at once. Carpet tiles are versatile and easier to install and replace than carpet, they are available in many colours and qualities. Tiles can be used creatively to create unique designs. Stained tiles can be easily and quickly replaced with no cutting or measuring.