Design & Planning


Office planning and design are an integral part of moving to a new corporate location, or reconfiguring the space you already have to meet ever-changing needs. At its simplest this can mean taking measurements, choosing new furniture, workstations and fittings and awaiting delivery. However configuring a new office is not always simple, especially if you want the flexibility to re-configure your evolving office as your needs change, and thus avoid perfectly useable products becoming obselete.

Agenda Office Interiors offers a complete and integrated design and planning service to save you money and time. Our professional design team offers a range of design services including: space planning; interior finish specification; product selection and procurement.

Our in-house specialists have decades of experience providing seamless interior design and space planning services to facility managers, architects, designers, and procurement professionals. We have a proven track record of providing accurate and reasonable quotes and timelines, and utilizing our experienced professionals and staff to serve both our corporate and institutional customers.

Call us now to learn how integrated design can make your next move, or office reconfiguration, seamless, while saving you time and money.