Repair & Warranty


The Agenda Office Interiors team of technicians can carry out an audit of your office furniture checking for any manufacturer’s defects and ensure that everything is repaired under warranty, where possible.

Ongoing maintenance and repair is important for safety and productivity reasons as well as for security. We will repair locks, make modifications, touch-up minor damage, remove stains, level furniture and ensure missing or damaged base plates are repaired, or replaced, to prevent electrical shocks.

At Agenda, we want to help you keep your furniture looking and functioning just like new for as long as possible.

We carry out:

  • repairs to all types of seating (including gas-lift and arm-pad replacement).
  • refurbishing of panel, partitions and screens etc.
  • key and lock replacement.
  • general furniture repairs, such as doors off hinges, drawers sticking, etc.
  • re-fitting and re-purposing of office, boardroom, meeting and training furniture (including height adjustments, top and/or leg replacement, cutting down tops etc.)
  • reconfiguration of existing furniture to suit new space (moves) and/or more staff (density).
  • disposal and recycling of un-wanted furniture (environmental and social requirements).


The manufacturers we work with offer lengthy warranties (often 10-years or more) and we explore the possibility of getting any work covered by warranty whenever we can.


Call us to discuss how we can help you maintain your office furniture, keep it looking in prime condition, and extend its life.