Agenda is Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral Pacific Carbon TrustAgenda Office Interiors has become BC’s first and only Carbon Neutral Furniture Company!

Since 2007, Agenda has been making changes to become more sustainable. We measured our “carbon footprint” by taking an inventory of all our electricity, fuel, natural gas, paper, waste, etc. Our total greenhouse gas emissions totalled 62.8 tonnes of CO2 in 2011 (the equivalent emissions created by 28 homes.) On Feb 1, 2012 Agenda purchased offsets through Pacific Carbon Trust, who in turn invested in clean technology projects that will offset 62.8 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

What is Carbon Neutral? Carbon Neutral starts with reducing emissions as much as possible and then offsetting the remainder through investments that displace carbon?emissions and result in “net carbon” neutrality. Going carbon neutral means that we are helping to solve climate change problems.

Which offset projects is Agenda supporting? Agenda chose an offset portfolio that supports sustainable technology within the local BC economy. Projects supported by these offsets include ground?source heat pumps in retirement homes and elementary schools and the replacement of natural gas boilers with biomass boiler systems.

Who is Pacific Carbon Trust? Pacific Carbon Trust is a BC Crown corporation created to drive the growth of BC’s low?carbon economy. They help businesses invest in offset projects, and certify that companies like Agenda are Carbon Neutral.

What are the benefits of becoming Carbon Neutral?
• Reduces greenhouse gas emissions into in the earth’s atmosphere.
• Encourages innovation by funding new ways to reduce greenhouse gases.
• Enhances the marketability of the Agenda brand as a point of differentiation from competitors.
• Provides independent third party recognition that will help Agenda to secure large contracts.
• Inspires like?minded businesses to do more to help the environment.

Agenda has pledged to further reduce our carbon emissions in 2013. To achieve that goal, we must all work together.

Please contact me directly to share your support, thoughts and ideas.

Thank you!
Neville Grigg