Rupert Yakelashek and the Right to a Healthy Environment

Rupert Yakelashek 2Rupert Yakelashek is an ordinary kid who is passionate about environmental rights.

Tonight Rupert addressed the Highlands Council.  `My name is Rupert, and I am 10 years old.`he said confidently. “I stand before you this evening to ask you to recognize our rights for a healthy environment.”

My wife and two kids attended the Council meeting with me. The Harlan family were there too, along with several other home-schooling friends.

Rupert`s voice was strong and clear as he expressed his wonder and gratitude for the beautiful and naturally rich Victoria that he calls home.  “I think every Canadian should have the right to drink clean water, eat healthy food and breathe clean air. ” He said.  “A safe and healthy environment should be one of our fundamental rights as a Canadian citizen.”

Too young to vote, Rupert decided he could still make a difference. “Our world is ruled by adults, but it will be the children who inherit the consequences of today’s choices, good and bad”, he continued. “The environment is important because we can not live without it.  You’re never too young to start making the world you want.”

Since discovering that Canada does not recognize environmental rights at a David Suzuki event, Rupert organized `Rupert’s Rally for a Healthy Environment` in front of Victoria City Hall. “You only get one chance to save the world” he declared. He convinced Victoria`s Mayor and Councillors to vote unanimously in favour of a declaration recognizing the right to a healthy environment.

Following his success with Victoria, Rupert wrote to every municipality on Vancouver Island, and began making presentations at council meetings – including the Highlands.  Next Rupert intends to influence the BC Government to adopt an Environmental Bill of Rights.

Rupert is to be commended for his passion and accomplishment.