New Office for the Sierra Club

Sierra Club of BCJune 3, 2013

The Sierra Club of BC has moved to new offices at 2994 Douglas Street. After 10 years at their cramped Johnson Street location, the Sierra Club chose a more productive workspace that reflects the nature of their organization.

We are very grateful for Agenda’s assistance during our recent office move.  Daria helped with floor plans – making it a whole lot easier to plan everyone’s work space.  They also donated some furniture, and we are way more comfortable in our new chairs!  Having Agenda’s crew move us was a treat.  Having the right people with the right equipment and expertise made the move go so much more smoothly than it would have had we attempted it ourselves.  Thank you Agenda!”

Lynn Bakken, Office Manager

The Sierra Club of BC is a non-profit environmental organization whose mission is to protect and conserve British Columbia’s ecosystems and wild spaces.  With more than16,000 supporters from across BC, the Sierra Club provides a science-based conservation perspective, advocates the responsible use of B.C.’s natural resources, promotes a sustainable economy, and mobilizes people towards constructive action.